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Easily put PDFs on the iPad

November 15, 2010

Both OS X and Windows support creation and download of PDF documents.  iBookson the iPad provides very good support for reading PDF documents.  The hassle I had was the multiple steps involved to put the PDF on the iPad.  I’m generally in a hurry and feel that technology should make my life easier, so I figure out how to minimize the number of steps.  And, it doesn’t even take much work to set up.  The instructions here are for OS X, although I think you can do something similar in Windows.

Since iTunes 10, there has been a folder buried down in the bowels of iTunes Music.  The exact location is typically something like /Users/your-account/Music/iTunes/iTunes Music/Automatically Add to iTunes/.  Anything you add to this folder will be added to iTunes and can then be synched when you next synch your iPhone, iPod, or iPad, depending on your synch settings.  Because I don’t want to go looking for this folder every time, I created an alias on my desktop.  Now, when I want to save a PDF to my iPad, I just drop it in this folder and the next time I synch it shows up in my iBooks application for reading on the go


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